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Rawnern's News

Posted by Rawnern - October 24th, 2012

Yes. Yes, we did!

Posted by Rawnern - September 5th, 2012

Ice Coffee tastes awesome. So does this video :D

Posted by Rawnern - August 9th, 2012

Well hello there! I released my new video just a few days ago. We found some Coca Colas from the eighties and we just decided to blow them up!

Posted by Rawnern - July 26th, 2012

I have been develping this new web app for people who need recomendations for names. Like, if you had a new born baby and didn't know a sutible name or considering changing your own name, this app can help you.

It's awesome... so check it out!

Posted by Rawnern - April 1st, 2012

It's a game about rednecks. They wanted to go viral, so I made a game. No, just kidding. But I hope you enjoy the game :)


Posted by Rawnern - February 8th, 2012

Wow... the new design is great and I haven't checked it out yet. It's a lot more to discover!

I hope someday I can submit JavaScript, HTML5 games! :D

If you want to see something cool:

Posted by Rawnern - January 14th, 2012

Hey bro'!

I am making a program that finds names for you! This can be good when you're waiting a baby and think: "Oh, what should I name it?" This can also be useful to find a new name for you if you are changing it.

The program is still in "Alpha" stage and not really done, but it works as it should. And if you find any bugs or have a idea for new stuff, just send me a PM!

Click here to check it out!

Posted by Rawnern - December 26th, 2011

Hello you guys!

Today, I released new version of Ragdoll Man. Here's the new stuff:
- Design fixes
- Music fixes
- Better performace

So... I think this is the last version of Ragdoll Man in a long time. I feel like there's nothing more to do and the game is finished. If you want me to add something etc... just send a PM etc to me. I'm glad I started making this game back in 2009 and it's been fun! A lot of great reviews that have been fun to read.


Posted by Rawnern - December 17th, 2011

Hello guys!

I hope to be done with the new version of Ragdoll Man soon during Christmas, but I can't promise anything. Lately I've been programming my on my new program called Name Generator. Just give me some recomendations for new feautures! It's just great being back programming as before, instead of playing games.

I recomend you following my site, because I'm going to put up some cool new games there! A new update in just a few days :)

Posted by Rawnern - December 8th, 2011

Hello! Just a couple of days ago, i released a program called Name Generator!

Check it out!