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Love this game! Gets more difficult and it's always interesting to play as it gets harder.

Really boring. This is just a mouse avioider game-thingy with a ball. I don't really see the fun and everything with this game in itself. The user gets no craving for going forward. It's not challenging... at all.

Try to make something with physics. And a more orginal idea. Also, work on your graphics.

I like this idea. When you die you die and can't play again. The problem is that I don't think people would like to play games like this...

I give you 4 stars because this was an orginal idea!

It's almost the film Moon. I like this game, though it's a bit boring.

This is great! I really love the first version. I'm glad you made a new version after 7 years :D

This is really bad. It's a start, but we as the users get no goal other than just collect them. Make a goal and more things.

Btw, the first review (by mamoneiro12) looks like it was written by you just to get some extra score. Shame if that's the case.

vini7x responds:

Sorry i just started making games.I made some few mochi achievements and I may do some other things in the game.

Btw that review wasnt me.

This is very good. Like pong, only better and more to do.

This is an awesome game because it's so simple. It has good sound and the levels was variated. Design was straigh forward and well done :)

Simple and GREAT game :)

This is great! Love the gameplay and sounds!

I liked the collection of reviews. It's funny and I like your comments. The one improvement you could do is to not resize the image too much... it looks kinda unprofessional, but who is great anyways? (Just a tip)

BanglaBoy96 responds:

Thanks man :) I'll take it into account man! :)

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